Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fishing at Stokes Bay with the Cormorant

cormorant fishing A Cormorantview of the spinnaker tower, Portsmouth UK in the distance paid us a visit Spinnaker Tower in the distancesmall yachts sailing in the sea Portsmouth sea front and some really big fluffy clouds! the fishing cormorant Starting from the top: Whilst we were fishing off the Haslar wall in Portsmouth a few months back, we spotted a Cormorant fishing too. It was a great sight and I only wish I had a better lens, but in the end after a bit of cropping the phot came out quite well. That's the Cormorant again in the bottom photo. I then decided to take a picture of the Spinnaker tower on the water front at Gunwharf Quay, not a truly impressive photo I must admit. Then I took a couple of wonky photos... one of the sailing yachts on the water and the other of the water front and some quite nice looking clouds. This is early days with the new Canon 450D so give me time, the pictures will definitely get better!

Wrass caught at Stokes Bay

large (ok, very small) wrass - my first fish caught whilst sea fishing! another, smaller wrass
These are a couple of extremely pretty Wrass that we caught whilst fishing at Stokes Bay in Portsmouth. We had a great day, 7 in total, but unfortunately they were all little wrass so we never got to take any home for supper! They are incredible looking fish to be honest. I think they have very similar markings to tropical discus fish. Mine (the top photo) was definitely the biggest of all of them, however much my boyfriend argued!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pigeons in Flight

a flock of racing pigeons in flight above my back garden

This is a flock of racing pigeons that flew over my garden whilst I was practising with the new Canon 450D. I knew the photo wouldn't be great as the lens is only small, but after some cropping it turned out ok I think.

Bright pink flowers

bright pink flower on a black and white background the cut out pink flower before it went on the black and white background
The second picture is the section I cut out of the original in Paint Shop Pro X2, I then put that on to a black and white version I had created, aligned them as best I could and then created the top image.
It took me forever to do that with the magic wand tool, I am getting steadily quicker though!


close up macro shot of 2 pink and purple fuscias a group of very pretty, bright pink fuscias
I think that Fuscias are excellent flowers to photograph. They have fantastic colours and a very unusual, yet photogenic shape. These two pictures were taken when I first got the Canon 450D, at my parents house.

Photos of Flowers

bright pink flower small pink flowers big pink and purple fuscia
I find it really enjoyable taking photos of flowers. They are all individual, even those on the same plant! I love the colour variations in flowers, it makes every one interesting.

2 creepy looking flies in close up

nice close up photo of a large fly sitting on a leaf- macro shot close up image of a large fly on some wood- macro shot
I managed to get in really close to these 2 flies. I was really chuffed with the outcome. Obviously there has been a bit of cropping but no other manipulation at all.