Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Cricket, The Bumble Bee and The Tiny Green Frog

Large green cricket sitting on a dhalia plant- close up macro shot Bumble bee collecting pollen from a pretty pink flower- macro shot Green frog close up macro shot tiny green frog- close up shot Starting from the top: The Cricket- I saw this cricket sitting on a white dhalia in my friends garden in France. I had to get in close and take the picture. At first he kept trying to get out of the way but I backed off enough so that he wasn't so scared. I took the photo in macro mode on the Canon 450D. I was so impressed by the results! He is definitely a very fine looking cricket- and he was huge too! The Bumble Bee- I was taking several photographs of different flowers in my friends garden and whilst I was doing so a busy bee came along and started to collect pollen from the flowers I was photographing. I was so pleased, but could not get in close enough to take a better picture, plus he was so busy it was hard to get a decent photo. I think the resulting image is ok though. The Tiny Green Frog- My boyfriend spotted this on the grass in France. I don't know how he did because he was only about 3 or 4 centimetres long! He was very good for me though and quite happily sat there posing for me. He didn't even get annoyed when I got in nice and close. Maybe he was petrified of me but I prefer to think he was happy to be photographed! The resulting images were very good in my opinion. I picked my two favourites for this blog.

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