Sunday, October 26, 2008

water drops

close up shot of a water drop coming out of the tap
This was a fairly good result for the first attempt (well, I took about 25 pictures but only a few came out ok).

water stream

close up image of the stream of water coming from the hot tap
This was a close up of the stream of water coming out of my hot tap in the kitchen. Just made me want to have a go at photographing water. Turned out ok I think.

water drop

close up of a single drop in the middle of a stream of water as it falls from the tap
This one came out a bit strange- like one drop in the middle of a dead straight stream of water. Looks cool though I reckon!

water drops

4 water droplets caught as they were falling from the tap
I thought I'd give this a go. I have seen some fantastic pictures like this before and thought I'd like to try it. For my first go, I think it's come out ok. There will be plenty more like this to come as I enjoyed this very much!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Water dragon in a funny pose

Asian Water Dragon sunbathing in a funny pose
Dory, my brother in law's water dragon doing her sunbathing and having a quick peek at the crazy lady with the camera! She looks so comfy with her arms folded. Look how pretty her scales are.

water dragon close up

close up view of an asian water dragon
Dory says...'If you don't get that camera out of my face.'...!

Dory the water dragon

Dory the asian water dragon
This is Dory scaling the sofa (running away from the baby that lives there- or that mad photographer!)

sunbathing water dragon

picture of an asian water dragon sunbathing
This is what Dory does when you move her into the sun- it is so funny! She starts sunbathing literally the second she moves into the sunlight.

Dory the water dragon

dory the asian water dragon
This is Dory, she belongs to my brother in law and is a beautiful creature. I couldn't resist taking her picture as she is very photogenic.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wet broken spider web

broken spider web with water droplets on
I went out the other morning and it was quite misty. I spotted hundreds of spider webs with dew on them, which made them really visible. I decided to try and photograph some and got a few good results I think. I like this photograph- the dew drops, the broken web- it just works!

wet spider web

close up of a wet spider web

This one looks really good I think. The dew is really cool- you can see each drop.

dark spider web

creepy dark spider web
I love this picture- it looks so dark and creepy!

spider web angle 2

strange picture of a spider web caught at a funny angle
Another good angle I reckon

spider web angle 1

spider web at a strange angle
I like the obscure angle on this one.

spider web 3

spider web on a dewy misty morning
This one turned out well I thought.

spider web

spider web on a dewy morning
This was quite a large web in the neighbour's front garden. The dew makes them quite visible in the mornings.

spider in web large

close up of a spider in its web on a dewy morning
I have this irrational, morbid fear of spiders and anything related to them but they photograph really well so I can't just ignore them! It is amazing the courage I get when I have my camera in my hand- I managed to get very close to this one without having a cardiac arrest!

pretty spider web

pretty spider web
I really like this one as it looks quite pretty.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

gathering at our little house in mervent forest, france

a little gathering at our holiday gite in France
I'm not so impressed with this photo, but I was really just messing around with Dynamic Photo HDR software. It was taken at our little holiday place in Mervent, France. The house is in the middle of the woods so we get amazing wildlife there too. We happened to have our friends over one evening so I thought I'd take a few snaps on the Canon 450D. The original was better, just a normal shot.

view of a river taken from the bridge at ringwood, UK

HDR photo of the river avon in dorset, uk

Now this photograph was not taken by me, my boyfriend took it the other day whilst he was in Ringwood, at the Fish Inn just on the river Avon. It was a nice photograph in its original form but just lacked a bit of colour. I used dphdr to process the photo and I think the result is awsome! I really, really like this one.

birds in flight

pigeons in flight manipulated in hdr software
Just after I got the new Canon, I was hanging around in my back garden taking photos of trees and the clouds and anything else I could think of when a flock of racing pigeons started flying over head. Just having the kit lens, 18-55mm, I didn't think I would get a very good shot of them but I was quite surprised how nice this turned out. I cropped the photo and processed it in Dynamic Photo HDR (from now on, dphdr) software and I really like the end result.

black and white cat with green eyes HDR

Buzz- my beautiful black and white cat. HDR version showing his bright green eyes

I took this photo of my cat, Buzz, a few weeks ago. It was a lovely day hence the fact he was sitting under the table covered in shadows! Also, he does not like me taking photos of him. I used Dynamic Photo HDR to tone map the image and the end result was this. I love the way his eyes look so bright and green. He looks so pretty here and very pensive. I think in his mind he was telling me to get lost and stop taking photos!

beach again in a red light

beach at France in a red light
This Photo was taken at La Tranche Sur Mer in France. I thought the surfers would look good as sillhouettes in the red light.

The beach in a different red light

Beach in fRance ina red light
This image I love! I took it at a beach in France called La Tranche Sur Mer. The original photo was nice too but I really like it in this red colour.

splashing in the waves at beach

friend splashing in the waves at a beach in france I took this photo at the beach in France and was quite pleased with how it came out. I really like taking photographs of the sea, it relaxes me when I look back at them.

beautiful view from a window in France

the beautiful view from my friends kitchen window in france
I was standing in my friends kitchen in France thinking how lovely the view was and thought 'that might make a cool photo'. I was right, but just wish I had taken it a bit straighter! The view is fantastic from that window and I wish I looked out over that every morning.

birds eye view of nantes from an aeroplane

birds eye view of nantes, france, from the aeroplane window
This was another photo I took from through the aeroplane window. I was quite pleased with this one as it doesn't really give away the fact it was taken through a window. This is part of Nantes, France and was just as the plane was landing, so we were going quite fast too.

clouds as seen from an aeroplane

clouds seen from aeroplane window

On the way over to France this summer, I took the new camera out to try and get some shots of the clouds out of the aeroplane window. I was fairly disappointed with my results and this is the best of a bad lot. The clouds were rather boring that day, none of the big fluffy types about. Maybe next time I will be luckier.

splashing in waves at the beach

splashing in the waves at a beach in france
This is the original photo that was used to create the red version of the beach shot. Well, I say original, I made it a bit more colourful as the water and sky looked quite pale before. I do love this one though. I love the way the lad in the photo is splashing around in the waves, it's a really natural shot I think.

sand, water and the beach

sand, sea, surf and sun!
This is one of my all time favourite photgraphs that I have taken. Sure, the sunlight is not in the right place but I love this effect of the sand nice and close up and the sea in the distance. I think the water tracks in the sand look quite effective too.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

bridge over river hdr

hdr tone mapped photo of a bridge over the river avon, uk
My boyfriend took this photograph of a bridge over the Avon river whilst he was at Ringwood. It was a lovely photo to start with, I just fancied practising with it in dphdr. I like the result to be honest.

spanish appartment hdr

HDR version of a spanish appartment- menorca, balearic islands
This is also not one of my own photographs. It is a photograph of a Spanish Apartment owned by my boss. I took the phot to start practising with the pseudo hdr option available in Dynamic Photo HDR software that I use. You can download a trial of it here. Just click the try it link on the left of the screen to download a trial version. I really like it but it may not be for some.

Burnt out ford escort car hdr

picture of my 1986 ford escort cabriolet after it decided to spontaneously combust at work
This is a great image of a bad time. My car decided to set itself on fire in the car park at work. It was my first car- a beautiful blue cabriolet Ford Escort 1987 model. I loved her but she had obviously had enough of me and committed suicide. It was heartbreaking. She makes a good photo though- this was processed in dphdr software.

billie tabby cat hdr

HDR version of my beautiful cat Billie- RIP
Another photo I nicked- this time off my Dad- to manipulate in dphdr. I really like the outcome of this one. I think the cat (my cat Billie- RIP) looks really good in cartoon mode.

hatherleigh ship hdr

HDR tone mapped image of a ship
I am really happy with the way this turned out after fiddling with the image in dphdr software. It is obviously pseudo hdr as they call it and the photo was taken by a colleague of mine. I love the 'painting' or 'cartoon' effect that the software can create. I think this one looks smashing and it was one of my firsts, so even more reason to love it. The ship is also quite impressive looking itself.

Fish farm Oban hdr

hdr tone mapped image of a view of a fish farm at Oban, Scotland, UK
I'm not so pleased with this one, although it does do what I wanted it to. It looks like it has been painted which was the effect I was after. I don't know, I'm just not that keen on it really!

house in hdr

HDR tone mapped image of my holiday gite in Mervent, France. Does not look like that in true life!
I took this photo on my Kodak Z885. The original does not look anything like this! This is my small holiday home in France. It has a beautifully large garden of half an acre with a small orchard consisting of apple, pear, peach, quince, cherry and plum trees plus one giant walnut tree. The house does not look that shabby in real life, in fact it is white, but it is that small!
Small but all mine :)
The area in France we live is called Mervent. This is in the Vendee about 1 hour inland and up from La Rochelle. The surrounding area is beautiful. There is a huge lake at the bottom of the woods where we love to take our little boat out and go fishing. It is bliss.

trees hdr

beautiful and striking hdr tone mapped photo of trees in a forest in Mervent, France
This is the other version of the lovely tree shot. I am so impressed with this one and the other one. I have this as my desktop and screensaver. It looks good in a larger size too, better than the smaller versions.

trees fhdr

HDR tone mapped photo of a view through the trees in a forest in Mervent, France
This has to be one of my biggest favourites. Along with the other version in a slightly yellower colour. The original was a brilliant photo (if I may say so). I took this with a Kodak Easyshare Z885 compact digital. I was walking through the forest in Mervent, France with my boyfriend, looking for the 'remarkable trees' that are on all the road signs. When you see a sign that says remarkable tree you can't help but look for it. It wasn't that remarkable but the few photos I got whilst walking through the woods were more than remarkable. After a little tweaking in dphdr, this was the result. I love trees. And they look even better in this style.