Saturday, December 13, 2008

The moon seen at its closest point to the Earth

After finding out from Bob at Black holes and Astrostuff that the moon would be at its closest point to the Earth last night, 12 December 2008, I thought I'd have my first go at photographing it. I had a small window of about 5 minutes where there was no heavy clouds so ran outside with my Canon 450D. These are what I managed (my first try remember!) photograph of bright moon Moon through the trees moon and clouds through the branches Moon through the trees moon and clouds I did these all handheld with my 55-250mm IS lens and had quite a long shutter speed. I was very pleased with how they turned out really. I love the way the bare branches of the tree give it a kind of creepy feel. The moon that night was apparently 14% bigger than it would normally appear and some 30% brighter. It looked beautiful.

HINT: If you click on any of my images, you'll be taken to my Flickr site where you can see them in their original sizes.

I would definitely recommend checking out Black holes and astrostuff, there are some cracking images on the site and a wealth of information that just makes you want to get out and look at the sky in a completely different way. I had one peek at the site and now I'm hooked!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sky Watch Friday 22 - Night tree

Naked oak tree in the night sky Check out other Skywatch Friday images here: Whilst out in the back garden recently, as mentioned in my previous post, I realised how cool that old Oak tree actually looks with no leaves on. This is the view at night from my back garden- the park is just beyond the oak tree but there is also another road behind the oak, parallel with mine, so there are a few houses too. I have been struggling to get decent night time shots and not having a remote control certainly makes it harder! I will get one after Christmas hopefully and then I should have more luck. I hope you agree that the tree looks pretty stunning in the night sky, no foliage, yet still strong looking.

Skywatch Friday 21 - Creepy branches in the night sky

Creepy branches and clouds in the night sky Check out more Skywatch Friday images here:
I was out the othere night in my back garden learning how to capture the evening sky. I am finding it extremely difficult to get good results! The problem I have is that I need to leave the shutter open for such a long time. No problems with the tripod but when I press the button to take the picture, it must jog a little. I need a remote control I think! I enjoy taking this kind of picture though, however frustrating it can be. I think the evening sky is beautiful. I love the clouds and the amazing colours you get to see, and I really like the eeriness of this particular shot.