Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally... Mayrhofen, Austria. January holiday 2009

Once again, apologies in my laziness and tardiness. Here are a few of my photos from Mayrhofen, Austria. Unfortunately, I made a ridiculous error before I went away. I planned on buying a circular polarising filter, you know for the snow and sky and mountain shots. I ordered a nice one off ebay, a Cokin 52mm. I didn't bother checking the fit until the day before I left, what a pratt, and low and behold, my lenses are 58mm. I felt so stupid. Anyway, long story short, I couldn't get one whilst out there so I mostly put the camera on auto and hoped for the best. The pictures aren't great, in fact some of the better ones are actually taken by my boyfriend on our Kodak Z885 easyshare compact. It seemed to differentiate really well between the blue sky and white snow. I was a bit gutted but thought it best to go for 'auto' and end up with several snap shot quality shots, than to try and get technical and end up with no half decent pictures at all. So after the long wait for me to put up new photos, they aren't that great- apologies again! Remember- most of my photos look better in the larger sizes. These are available at my Flickr site. Just click on the pictures and you'll be taken there. I also have hundreds of photos on Flickr, many that aren't on here. Check it out if you're interested! So, we'll start with some shots of mountains and skiers etc... IMG_2889 This was our first trip up a mountain. We took the Penkenbahn cable car as pedestrians and when we got to the top I was gobsmacked. The mountain views were just stunning. I have never seen anything like this in my life before. We don't get snow really in Southampton, so that blew me away too, but the views were astonishing. 100_2659 This was the view from a different mountain. We took the Ahornbahn cable car to get to this one. Up here they have a 'snow village'- hotel rooms, sauna and a bar made of snow, like igloos. It was pretty cool and once again the views were brilliant. IMG_2925 We spent a lot of time watching the skiers and snowboarders. These chair lifts were quite amusing because if they didn't jump on properly they kind of got thrown straight back off again and the whole thing would stop with people hanging in mid air! These three made it on ok though. We were also shocked by the amount and skill of small children on the slopes. Kids as young as 2 or 3 were skiing off on their own. Made me feel a bit silly as I was too scared to give it a go. 100_2493 This was taken whilst admiring the views and the sheer volume of people up there. The skiers just seemed to wander around not even affected by the most beautiful scenery around them. IMG_3585 This is a shot from the town of Uderns, about half an hour on the narrow guage diesel train from Mayrhofen. There is a massive waterfall there, but we had to walk a long way through a pine forest, up a mountain to get there. The views were breathtaking as we went up and I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the distant mountains barely visible through the freezing fog. The waterfall photos will be up soon. IMG_2888 This is an example of me taking a picture in completely the wrong place/ way but I like the star shape the sun has so I thought I'd put it up. It was extremely sunny up on the ski slopes. The bars actually had deck chairs outside so people could sunbathe. It was so warm up there compared to down in the town (which does not get ANY sunlight) that we had to take off many layers once we got to the top! IMG_3680 This photo came out very well in my opinion. (Just a shame it's quite a boring one!) There was so much snow everywhere it just looked stunning. I was so excited just crunching through fresh, untrodden snow, some places it was knee deep. It was such a brilliant experience.

Don't forget to check out my Flickr site that has many more Mayrhofen pictures among others.