Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mayrhofen January 2009

Ok, so here are some more pictures from our trip as promised. This next bunch are some nice views of the Town from up above- mainly from the cable cars. (Which, by the way, were incredibly frightening for me. I nearly threw up on my first trip up the mountain!) IMG_3614 I loved this view from the Ahorn cable car. We kind of ascended through the clouds and the town of Mayrhofen looked just beautiful from above. I love the way the clouds snake through the mountains as far as you can see. IMG_3727 IMG_3724 IMG_3717 100_2669 These last four were taken on our way back down from the mountain, the clouds had cleared and a tiny part of the town was enjoying a little bit of sun. The town looked so pretty all covered in snow and the trees looked amazing- bright white with snow and frost. 100_2629 This is another view of those 'snakey' clouds as we were nearly at the top of the cable car. I love the blue sky which is such a contrast to the cold, snowy scene below.