Thursday, February 05, 2009

Frozen Waterfall at Uderns, Nr Mayrhofen Austria- January 2009

Ok, so I still have plenty more pictures from our recent trip to Austria. Today, I have decided to go with some photos we took of a frozen waterfall. We took the diesel train out of Mayrhofen to a place called Uderns, about half an hour away. My boyfriend Brian had previously promised me I could see a waterfall on our trip as I had never seen one before and he was so clever and managed to find me one! Unfortunately, we had to walk for what seemed an eternity up a mountain, via a track in the pine forest. I was practically on my knees, crawling by the time we reached the waterfall. We noticed there were signs leading the way, the first one said 'waterfall- 30 mins'. Great, I thought, that shouldn't be too bad. So after 30 minutes or so of walking, we saw another sign, 'waterfall- 25 mins'. It was so funny! It did take us well over an hour to get up to where the waterfall was but I was chuffed to bits when we got there. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life! I can guarantee you that my pictures do not do it even the tiniest bit of justice, it was absolutely stunning. And because it was frozen solid, we were able to clamber up and actually walk all around it and stand under it. So, enough talk, here are my pictures. By the way, this fall was 91m tall. Click on the images to go to my Flickr site and see them in different sizes. IMG_3379 IMG_3457 IMG_3372 IMG_3450 IMG_3399 IMG_3382 IMG_3398 IMG_3402 IMG_3354 IMG_3424 100_2602 Remember all my photos are on my Flickr site. If you click on the images you will be taken to my page where I have hundreds more from this trip and others.