Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The worst (BEST!) snow for 20 years!

Hi again everyone. I have been a bit lax of late on the posting side of hings. I have been taking photographs, I just haven't been anywhere interesting since Austria. A few weeks back we got the 'worst snow for over 20 years' down in my neck of the woods, Southern England. For me it was the best snow I could ever remember! I absolutely adore the snow. I know it's cold and wet but I really love it! I love watching it as it falls and settles and I get mesmerised really quickly. The snow we got actually settled for a change and we had quite a few days where everything was white or slushy. Unfortunately, not everyone else loves it like me and the whole country seemed to grind to a halt. People didn't go to work, schools closed, even the trains and underground were stopped. I went to work (walked in) and just watched from my office window as the snow fell. The first couple of pictures are of the snow in my back garden- I have never seen it like this before and it looked truly magical to me.

Please click on the photos to see them at they always look so much better in the larger sizes.

Heavy snow in the garden Serious snow! Snowflakes in the dark Snowy garden This next picture was a quick shot in the dark of one of my bamboo plants, the flash did a great job and I love this picture! I think it looks really pretty. Snowy Bamboo The following photographs were taken at my workplace. I think I have mentioned before, but I work in an office at a local marina. The view I have is not amazing but I love watching the cement works across the way. They looked especially great in the snow recently. Also, one of the photos was taken through the window whilst focussing on the rain drops on the glass. I think it looks quite cool and just emphasises the misery of being at work!

Heavy snow Another lovely day at the office Snow scene at work. What a lovely day for work... Hearts in the snow!

That last photo is really cool, but I could not work out how it had happened?!


  1. Love your imagination on photography. The one on night scene with a bicycle on the corner looks impressive to me, besides your favourite.

  2. I like the night scene too. Falling snow is always fun to get. The tire tracks are pretty good too. I sat here looking at them, trying to work out how it was done.

  3. Great shots,even though I hate snow worse then dirt,lol.

  4. Hi Bemused... I'm Steven, remember? Please continue visiting Phototent when it's uploaded... And I'm not totally dead. Sort of busy. School and stuff. >.< School in Singapore starts!

  5. Haha! I got a Canon Eos 400D from my School. Just a loan, but when I have to cover certain events, I get bring it home long-term.

  6. last photo's great. two hearts connected to each other. lovely!

    yup. it has been really nice this winter. a real winter! however, it has been a looong one, too!

    worst and best, huh?

    nice blog. following your blog now!

  7. We don't get any snow out in San Francisco, but sometimes when it rains really hard, I just love to watch and listen to nature do its thing. In the last picture, could it be someone used a heavy duty broom to create the hearts. :D


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