Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birds of prey in France

So a while ago, I bought a 55-250mm zoom lens with the hope of one day seeing the buzzards in France close enough to get some decent pictures. Well that day finally came! This Easter break, me and my boyfriend went for a week to our place in Mervent Forest, France. The last day we were at our house, these two big Buzzards started flying around the back garden. My boyfriend spotted that one had landed in a tree in the garden so I gave him the camera and he got the following shot. Amazing is all I can say. buzzard in tree After we left our place, we stayed at our friends house for a couple of days. We were out in the garden and my boyfriend spotted these four Buzzards hunting together over the fields next door. I was really shocked to see four together hunting. The next photos show them high up in the sky. 4 buzzards in flight 3 Buzzards in flight So back to our place again. After Brian had taken the picture of the Buzzard in the tree, we thought that was our good chance gone. But just as we were locking up, he spotted this Buzzard in a tree just outside our gate. I ran quietly as I could to get the following shots. I chased the bird from tree to tree and these two pictures were the best from the few I managed. I must add, I don't think chased is a good word for it- I didn't upset the bird in any way, I wasn't close enough for that! buzzard sitting in tree Big, beautiful buzzard in flight, Bird of prey How beautiful are these Buzzards?! They are gorgeous and have such beautiful markings. They are also pretty huge! The two shots below are of a bird we spotted perched on a road sign. I could not get my window open so took these through the window, not such good quality. It was a gorgeous bird but I am not sure what it is. Maybe a kestrel or kite- if you think you have an idea, please let me know in the comments! bird on road sign bird in flight This following picture is not a bird of prey, obviously. I heard him squawking really loudly from a tree at our friends house and just took the picture. I'm not sure what type of bird he is so if you know, leave me a comment! I think it is some kind of finch maybe? bird in tree Remember to check out my Flickr page. All my pictures, plus more are there. They mostly look better in larger sizes but these bird pictures have been cropped and sharpened so some are better at this size.