Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pseudo HDR - Frozen Waterfall, Austria

Hi everyone. I hope you have had a chance to look at my previous posts with the Bird of Prey photos- I am so pleased with them! However, I haven't had any comments yet from anyone who may know what the bird was in the last couple of pictures. If you know, please pipe up- I would really like to know! So, as some of you probably already know, I like to play with photos using Dynamic Photo HDR software from Mediachance. Well I was looking through some of my files and I realised I had manipulated some of my photos of the fantastic frozen waterfall we saw on our visit to Austria. I was so pleased because I really loved that waterfall and any chance I have of using the photos again- I will take it. Anyway, enjoy the pictures below. Don't forget! They are all on my Flickr page too- these look much better in the large size, especially the full view photo of the waterfall. Enjoy :) ice 2 ice 1 waterfall 1 ice 3 This last picture is of a gorgeous building we spotted on our day trip to Innsbruck. My boyfriend Brian took the photo (trying to be arty) at a great angle. The photo was really nice as it was but I thought it would be a perfect shot for a bit of DPHDR manipulation! What do you think? Innsbruck building See them all at Flickr!