Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting Creative...

Hi everyone! I just want to say first, THANK YOU to everyone who is following my photoblog. I never thought I'd get over 50 followers, so thank you for making my day!Secondly, sorry for not posting so much lately. The weather has been lovely so I've been out and about, fishing, exploring that kind of thing and just generally been quite busy for a change. I do not have any new photos for you today, so I thought I might try to post an old video I made a couple of years back. I know it is diversifying from my usual theme and I apologise, I just wanted to put it out there for you! I have some great pictures coming this week. Out in France, a mile or two from our holiday place we have this excellent little zoo which we visited. It was very small then but had some great animals and we had a really nice time. I took a lot of footage with my Handycam and decided to try and make a musical video out of it using a software called Pinnacle Studio 10. At the point when I made this video I had not learnt how to clip the clips so excuse the shots of the floor or feet or whatever. You need the sound turned up to appreciate this! (It isn't that good, just a bit of fun though)

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  1. Being out and having a good time is the point of these blogs, so you're doing it exactly right. The old video is great, it makes me want to go to the zoo again.


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