Monday, June 29, 2009

Visitors to my garden

Hi everyone. As you have probably noticed, I am turning into a bit of a twitcher these days! I just can't seem to get enough of the birds in my garden. And not just birds... I put in 2 new flowerbeds a few weeks ago, with lovely wild flowers to try and lure bugs and bees and butterflies in to the garden. Well, I'm pleased to say it has worked- my efforts with the flowers and the feeding station have been entirely worth it! The money (loadsa money!) was well spent. I spend most of my spare time out there waiting and watching... and photographing. I hope you enjoy my latest visitors. This is a photo my boyfriend took today of our first Goldfinch on the feeder. I got a tip that nyjer seed draws finches in from everywhere. I put the nyjer seed in on Saturday and 2 days later the finches have turned up! Fantastic :) goldfinch 2 This is apparently a Painted Lady butterfly. I think it is lovely and am chuffed to bits with the photo. Butterfly 2 This photo is of a young black bird chick. I think it is a baby of my black and white black bird that is often in the garden. It was very brave and was next to the feeder but I didn't see it actually eat anything. Blackbird chick This last photo is one of my favourites. The wood pigeons are a complete pain in the backside and we have had to shuffle around the feeders so they can't steal everything- they are very gluttonous! Anyway, this one was watching and waiting for me to go away and sure enough as soon as I did, it got straight on the feeder! Cheeky buggar. wood pigeon Don't forget to visit my FLICKR page where I have many, many more photos. Also, clicking on these images will take you to Flickr where you can view them in larger sizes (they always look better a bit bigger).

Heron in France

Heron, originally uploaded by Bemused26.

My boyfriend Brian took this great photo of a Heron whilst in France last weekend. I was exceedingly Jealous as I was hoping I may be able to get a Heron shot sometime soon and he beat me to it!

I do not know which type of heron this is so if any of you know which tyoe it is, please leave me a comment! I don't know if it's a grey or blue heron.

Anyway, like I said I'm quite jealous that Brian got this shot, but he reads this site so I couldn't really pass it off as my own because that would just be wrong! I think he did great and should be proud of this one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Birds

Hi again everyone, I have more birds for you today. I am turning into such a twitcher… I just love sitting in my garden taking photos of all the birds that come in and sometimes onto the feeder. The weather has been absolutely scorching recently, it is very unusual for Southampton, but I’m not complaining! And I have been keeping the water topped up for the birds too, you can actually see how much they appreciate that! This post is a bit exciting for me. I saw my first ever Gold Finch on the weekend. I had seen them on TV and in photos but never in real life. I saw just the one in a tree on Saturday, then on Sunday, I saw four of them on the roof tops, eating insects out of the guttering! I was so pleased and chuffed to bits to see so many! Also, we spotted some unknown birds hanging around the fruit trees and then feeding at the same time as the baby Blue Tits. After getting the good people at the Flickr Bird Identification Help Group to ID the bird for me, I found out they were Long Tailed Tits. Once again, I was extremely pleased to see these different types of birds coming in and feeding from my feeder. I have started to think that realistically, all these birds were here anyway, before I put my feeder up and that the difference is now I look for them and can see them through the zoom on my camera. Anyhow, I am so pleased that I started to feed the birds and am just hoping that the Gold Finches will actually come to the feeder so I can get a decent photo! Long Tailed Tit: long tail 4 Baby Blue Tit on Feeder: Baby Blue Tit on feeder Pair of Baby Blue Tits Watching me: Baby Blue tits Beautiful Robin: Robin 2 Another Robin: Robin My Gorgeous Black and White Black Bird Singing: Blackbird singing Not Very Good Photo of a Gold Finch: Goldfinch Don’t forget to visit my Flickr site where I have all my photos and you can view them in original sizes to get the full effect.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blue Tit Family on the feeding station!

Hi again everyone. I have finally got some new visitors (other than the squirrels and wood pigeons) to my bird feeding station. I woke up this morning and was really chuffed to see a whole Blue Tit family feeding on the fat balls. There were about five or six babies and at least one adult. They seemed to take it in turns on the feeder, with the others on the fence and in the apple tree next door. I even saw the adult passing food to a baby even though they were feeding themselves- and I got that on camera. Here are the Blue Tits- enjoy! Baby Blue Tit with Food Family of Blue Tits Feeding Blue Tit Feeding Baby on Feeder Blue Tit Family on Feeder Blue Tit Baby Perched on Feeder Blue Tit Babies Argy Bargy The next three photos are of a female house sparrow. I was not sure what it was to be honest so I got the clever people over at the Springwatch 2009 Flickr group to identify it for me. Apparently the House Sparrow is getting quite rare in the UK and I consider myself to be quite lucky to have seen one feeding at my bird station. Female House Sparrow Female House Sparrow Female House Sparrow This last picture is of a Blackbird that lives in my garden. I think he is gorgeous! He has a mate and I'm pretty sure they have babies in their nest somewhere. Him and his mate are constantly digging for bugs in my lawn but never get up on the bird feeder- at least I haven't seen them up there. black  and white black bird If you don't have one, I would seriously recommend getting a bird feeder of some sort. It is really amazing watching all the animals come to it, morning day and night. Don't forget to check out my Flickr site. I have many, many more pictures up there.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Did someone say... Squirrel?!

So, after a little inspiration from Ginnymo and a bit from Springwatch (Brilliant UK TV show about our natural wildlife), I went out and bought a bird feeding station. It is great. It has 3 arms for a peanut holder, a fat ball holder and a seed holder. It also has a water bowl and a tray for meal worms and the like. I spent a small fortune on the feeder and the food, and the very heavy base for it to stand on the decking in my back garden. Right next door to my neighbours apple tree. (Did you see the good planning there?) Anyway, the first few days I got giant wood pigeons. Then I got a a Robin or two. Then some Blue Tits and a sparrow. Then a humungous rook that rocked the feeder to get the food out. Generally, I was quite pleased with the amount of birds that had already visited my feeder. Then I saw her. A quite smallish squirrel, obviously a nursing mother, sitting in the meal worm holder. She was not scared of me, even though I was only about 6 foot away. I was really excited to be that close taking pictures of her munching away. We did have a moment where I thought she was going to go for me, but luckily she ran away before deciding to have me! The next day, she came back, with a male squirrel in tow. They were both eating my seed and peanuts. This time they both got scared and ran away as I opened the back door. I didn't manage any pictures of the pair together but did get plenty of the female on her own. I hope you enjoy my pictures. Quick clean IMG_5531 IMG_5528 IMG_5526 IMG_5525 IMG_5427 Hanging on' IMG_5485 IMG_5519 IMG_5516 IMG_5480 Mmmmm... Meal worms! Don't forget to have a look at my Flickr site where I have many more cute squirrel pictures among others. These look much better in the larger sizes available at my Flickr page.