Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Did someone say... Squirrel?!

So, after a little inspiration from Ginnymo and a bit from Springwatch (Brilliant UK TV show about our natural wildlife), I went out and bought a bird feeding station. It is great. It has 3 arms for a peanut holder, a fat ball holder and a seed holder. It also has a water bowl and a tray for meal worms and the like. I spent a small fortune on the feeder and the food, and the very heavy base for it to stand on the decking in my back garden. Right next door to my neighbours apple tree. (Did you see the good planning there?) Anyway, the first few days I got giant wood pigeons. Then I got a a Robin or two. Then some Blue Tits and a sparrow. Then a humungous rook that rocked the feeder to get the food out. Generally, I was quite pleased with the amount of birds that had already visited my feeder. Then I saw her. A quite smallish squirrel, obviously a nursing mother, sitting in the meal worm holder. She was not scared of me, even though I was only about 6 foot away. I was really excited to be that close taking pictures of her munching away. We did have a moment where I thought she was going to go for me, but luckily she ran away before deciding to have me! The next day, she came back, with a male squirrel in tow. They were both eating my seed and peanuts. This time they both got scared and ran away as I opened the back door. I didn't manage any pictures of the pair together but did get plenty of the female on her own. I hope you enjoy my pictures. Quick clean IMG_5531 IMG_5528 IMG_5526 IMG_5525 IMG_5427 Hanging on' IMG_5485 IMG_5519 IMG_5516 IMG_5480 Mmmmm... Meal worms! Don't forget to have a look at my Flickr site where I have many more cute squirrel pictures among others. These look much better in the larger sizes available at my Flickr page.