Monday, June 29, 2009

Visitors to my garden

Hi everyone. As you have probably noticed, I am turning into a bit of a twitcher these days! I just can't seem to get enough of the birds in my garden. And not just birds... I put in 2 new flowerbeds a few weeks ago, with lovely wild flowers to try and lure bugs and bees and butterflies in to the garden. Well, I'm pleased to say it has worked- my efforts with the flowers and the feeding station have been entirely worth it! The money (loadsa money!) was well spent. I spend most of my spare time out there waiting and watching... and photographing. I hope you enjoy my latest visitors. This is a photo my boyfriend took today of our first Goldfinch on the feeder. I got a tip that nyjer seed draws finches in from everywhere. I put the nyjer seed in on Saturday and 2 days later the finches have turned up! Fantastic :) goldfinch 2 This is apparently a Painted Lady butterfly. I think it is lovely and am chuffed to bits with the photo. Butterfly 2 This photo is of a young black bird chick. I think it is a baby of my black and white black bird that is often in the garden. It was very brave and was next to the feeder but I didn't see it actually eat anything. Blackbird chick This last photo is one of my favourites. The wood pigeons are a complete pain in the backside and we have had to shuffle around the feeders so they can't steal everything- they are very gluttonous! Anyway, this one was watching and waiting for me to go away and sure enough as soon as I did, it got straight on the feeder! Cheeky buggar. wood pigeon Don't forget to visit my FLICKR page where I have many, many more photos. Also, clicking on these images will take you to Flickr where you can view them in larger sizes (they always look better a bit bigger).