Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mervent, France - Our holiday place

Hallo everyone. For a while now I have been promising to do a post showing our little holiday place in France and the surrounding area. It is a beautiful part of France and I have been trying to get some decent shots to do it justice. Here are just a few. (Click on the links if you'd like to learn more about the areas I have mentioned) This first photo is our little place in a town called Mervent. It is in the middle of a huge forest in the Vendee region. It’s a very small building but we’ve changed it a bit on the inside so we now have a toilet, 2 bedrooms and the main living area with a kitchen. house This is a view from near the bottom of the garden, it is a 2000m2 plot so round about half an acre or so. view of garden from bottom This shot was taken through the fruit trees from the bottom part of the garden. We have over 60 fruit trees there- apples (eaters and cookers), quinces, peaches, cherries and a huge walnut tree. fruit trees This is a photo from near the front of the plot, by the side of the house. In the middle of the picture, between those two trees, is the well, hidden by bushes. garden view This is a picture of the well and the pond that we recently put in. There is still a lot of work to be done in this area! garden The next shots are of the closest town to us, Fontenay Le Comte. It is a beautiful place and nice for lazy walks on market days or for meals out. This is a shot of the river that runs through the town. river at fontennay Another shot of the river from a different part of town. fontennay river And this is a picture of a very cool house I spotted at the side of the bridge. house on bridge at fontennay I will do another post with more pictures of the area soon, showing our closest beach and parts of the forrest of Mervent-Vouvant. I have more pictures up at Flickr so check them out there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comment Spammers- beware!

Hi all, I have just checked my email and was surprised to see I had a sudden influx of about 40 comments on my posts. I thought this was highly unusual and got most suspicious when I noticed the comments said things like 'wow nice picture' on the posts with no pictures...! I went to check out the profiles/ blogs of these 'people' and their link took me straight to some pile of crap world of war craft 'gold for sale' site. I just wanted to let you know in case you get spammed by them too. I had word verification on so someone has actually sat there and typed in these comments- how sad for them. I have now decided to moderate my comments so sorry to all those of you who normally comment here, but it will take a bit longer to have your comment show up. Also, I am going to try and remove all these crap comments so none of you get fooled into accidentally going to their sites, but this may mean I remove some legitimate ones in the process by mistake. Be back soon with a new post including pictures of my place in France.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Bastille Day Celebrations and Fireworks - France

Whilst we were in France we were lucky enough to see the Bastille Day celebrations on July 14th. The town where we have our place, Mervent (pictures to come!) is normally very quiet- you never see many people about or cars on the road or even people in the 2 bars we have. But, on the 14th there were hundreds! The bridge across the lake was teaming with people waiting to see the fireworks. And what a firework show they put on. It was truly awesome, one of the best displays I’ve seen up close. They had built a platform in the middle of the lake and used it as a launch pad for the fireworks, it was a great effect. I had decided before that I was going to have a go at photographing the fireworks as I had never even attempted to do that before. I was unsure whether I should have been using a slow shutter speed or a fairly quick one, so I tried slow, quick and kind of in-between. These following shots were the best of a series that you can see here on Flickr and many are better in the big sizes! IMG_6855 IMG_6851 IMG_6844 IMG_6832 IMG_6794 IMG_6782 IMG_6777 IMG_6760 IMG_6750 IMG_6741 IMG_6778 I hope you have enjoyed my photographs this week, I will be back soon with a proper post about the Mervent in France.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo in France

A Trip to the local zoo in France Hi all. Thanks for all your comments whilst I was holidaying in France. We had an awesome time although the weather wasn’t much to write home about! We got a couple of good days at the beach but 2 out of 16 is not what I’d call that great. Anyway, I took a fair few photos and am planning on a post to show you our little holiday place that we own in France and also the stunning local area. To kick me back into posting, I’m starting off with our trip to the zoo. The zoo is a tiny little place about 2 minutes down the road from us. It is a lovely couple of hours out and I do enjoy it there. I hope you enjoy looking at the following photos which are my favourites from the very many I took! Sleeping Coati coati Beautiful Parrot parrot Pot-Bellied Pig pot bellied pig Peacock peacock Monkey monkey Brown Lemur brown lemur Ring Tailed Lemurs ring tailed lemurs Meerkats 4 meerkats meerkat lone meerkat Crowned Herons crowned herons Camels camel camels Don’t forget that these images are often better in their larger sizes, so if you click on one, you go to my Flickr page. There, if you click ‘all sizes’ above the picture, it will take you to the large size. I will be back soon with more photos.