Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comment Spammers- beware!

Hi all, I have just checked my email and was surprised to see I had a sudden influx of about 40 comments on my posts. I thought this was highly unusual and got most suspicious when I noticed the comments said things like 'wow nice picture' on the posts with no pictures...! I went to check out the profiles/ blogs of these 'people' and their link took me straight to some pile of crap world of war craft 'gold for sale' site. I just wanted to let you know in case you get spammed by them too. I had word verification on so someone has actually sat there and typed in these comments- how sad for them. I have now decided to moderate my comments so sorry to all those of you who normally comment here, but it will take a bit longer to have your comment show up. Also, I am going to try and remove all these crap comments so none of you get fooled into accidentally going to their sites, but this may mean I remove some legitimate ones in the process by mistake. Be back soon with a new post including pictures of my place in France.