Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo in France

A Trip to the local zoo in France Hi all. Thanks for all your comments whilst I was holidaying in France. We had an awesome time although the weather wasn’t much to write home about! We got a couple of good days at the beach but 2 out of 16 is not what I’d call that great. Anyway, I took a fair few photos and am planning on a post to show you our little holiday place that we own in France and also the stunning local area. To kick me back into posting, I’m starting off with our trip to the zoo. The zoo is a tiny little place about 2 minutes down the road from us. It is a lovely couple of hours out and I do enjoy it there. I hope you enjoy looking at the following photos which are my favourites from the very many I took! Sleeping Coati coati Beautiful Parrot parrot Pot-Bellied Pig pot bellied pig Peacock peacock Monkey monkey Brown Lemur brown lemur Ring Tailed Lemurs ring tailed lemurs Meerkats 4 meerkats meerkat lone meerkat Crowned Herons crowned herons Camels camel camels Don’t forget that these images are often better in their larger sizes, so if you click on one, you go to my Flickr page. There, if you click ‘all sizes’ above the picture, it will take you to the large size. I will be back soon with more photos.