Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stag, Hoopoe and Green Woodpecker - France

Hi everyone. I have been on holidays in France again and this time I am just so excited about what I saw that I have to show you now! The pictures here are not that great quality as I have had to crop quite heavily. They were taken with a 600mm L series lens that I borrowed from a friend for My Canon 450D. That lens costs about £8000 ($13000 roughly), so I will never be in a position to buy my own! The best thing about the lens is that I could see these amazing birds in the trees when I couldn't actually see them with my naked eye. I did take many more photos but you'll have to go to my Flickr site to see those as I won't be posting them all here I'm afraid! This first picture was amazing for me and Brian. stag 1 Brian spotted the antlers through a hedge next to our garden there in France and I was luckily playing with the camera and huge lens. I took the pictures of the stag and he was not scared or concerned at all. He stood posing for a few seconds then disappeared into a hedge. I have never seen a stag before so was chuffed to bits! He was so close it was unbelievable. The next 2 photos are of a Hoopoe. I don't know if you guys have Hoopoes in your countries, but we don't in England. I was really happy to get a picture of this gorgeous bird. It is from the woodpecker family I believe and has a gorgeous crest on its head. You see the crest better when it flies rather than when it's sitting. hoopoe 4 hoopoe 1 The next photograph is of a green woodpecker- we do get those in England, just not right where I live. I was also really happy to get a photo of this bird as we hear it all the time in the garden in France, and flying over but we've never managed to get a photo til now. green wood pecker 3 This following photo is of a dragonfly at my friends pond in her garden. This is the first time I've had a dragonfly stop long enough for me to photograph it! Dragon Fly I was really pleased with the next photo, even if it is a bit plain, as I had never seen Lapwings before- only on TV. Imagine how excited I got when I realised the flock in the air that I was watching was indeed a flock of Lapwings! They make the most beautiful yet odd sound that kind of mesmerised me a bit. Lapwing Flock The final photo I have for you today is of a Heron just as he was landing in a field. I had gone on a walk by a river whilst the boys were all fishing, with the intention of finding some ringed plovers, lapwings and all these other amazing creatures. I walked for a couple of minutes and came to a field with some huge bulls in and had to turn back! I have a very irrational fear of cows and it is for that reason that my final picture is of a heron and not something more interesting! However, I do believe he is a very interesting looking heron and I got him in a great pose. Heron I hope you've enjoyed looking at my holiday photos this week. I was a good tourist this time round and have some great pictures of some of the local atractions and cities near where we stay including of La Rochelle. You can check these out on my Flickr page if you can't wait for my posts. I also have some awesome sunsets shots with some UK Navy ships in harbour on Flickr so check them out. I will post again soon.