Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Butterfly Park at Longleat Safari Park

*** Please bear with me for the next week or so as I am trying to change around my blog a little and things may not work as well or may even disappear! Hopefully, it will be running like clock work soon!***

Hi again people. Todays post is from my recent visit to Longleat Safari Park again. This time, from a new attraction they have there called ‘Animal Adventure’. The only part that is open at the moment though is the butterfly enclosure. I was really looking forward to that and I have to say it did not disappoint at all! The butterflies and moths they had in there were amazing. So beautiful and some were massive! I hope you enjoy these pictures.

butterfly 3

butterfly 2

butterfly 1

This yellow butterfly is apparently actually a moth- a Luna moth so I’ve been told. It had just finished hatching and was obviously still not ready to fly about yet.

butterfly hatched

The following picture is of an owl butterfly I think- eating rotten banana that didn’t smell nice at all! The good thing about the rotten fruit is that the butterflies stayed on it for good photographs.

butterfly owl

This last picture is of an absolutely stunning butterfly. I don’t know what it is but it is gorgeous and the biggest butterfly I have ever seen in my whole life! I would say it was at least 12 inches wide- at least. It is also the prettiest I have ever seen.

butterfly massive

That is all from my butterfly encounter but I will be back soon with more of my Longleat Safari Park pictures.

One more thing, thanks for all your comments you have been leaving recently. Unfortunately, as I work full time I do not have the time to reply individually to everyone’s comments but I assure you, I do visit your sites and try to leave comments when I can. So just a thank you to you all.