Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tigers and Lions at Longleat Safari Park

Hi guys. Today my post is about Longleat Safari Park and the amazing time I had there last weekend. If you want to know more about Longleat I suggest you visit the website The post today is just to show you the Lions and Tigers. I have this deep down love and awe for big cats and I was so looking forward to seeing them outside, not in a small cage or enclosure. I know the safari is still an enclosure but it gives them a fairly large area to roam around in quite comfortably. As we drove through each section I was getting more and more excited- like a little 10 year old girl. It was slightly odd and embarrassing but at least it was just Brian seeing me this way! tiger 1 tiger 2 tiger 3 tiger 4 Driving through the Tiger enclosure was pretty awesome- they are my favourite cats. There was this gorgeous Tiger laid down just outside my car window. Obviously, we couldn't have the windows open so all the resulting images were taken through the (slightly dirty) glass. I am particularly pleased with the Tiger pictures and when I look into its eyes I just want to cry. I cannot believe that we are killing off these beautiful creatures at such an astonishing rate. lion 2 lioness lion sleepy The lions were particularly amazing too. But they were just rather sleepy- like most cats! This last picture is just so cute, even if a bit blurry. I hope you enjoy my pictures and I will show you the other animals soon. If you can't wait, you can see them on my Flickr page.