Friday, January 29, 2010

A walk in the park...

Hi everyone. If I have anyone that is still checking out my blog that is! I know I have been gone a long time now and I must apologise but I just haven’t really been out and about using my camera since about October last year. I didn’t want to post pictures that were old as it kind of defeats the object of this blog to be honest. Anyway. On to 2010!

I have been on a fitness push (kind of) since Christmas. I managed to get myself to a horrible weight that is the highest I’ve ever been. I am not happy with myself so me and my boyfriend, who is also getting fairly heavy, decided we’d do something about it. We have started going to the gym- admittedly, he is much better at that than me, but at least I’m going now! We have also started going for long walks on the weekends which is absolutely great as I get a chance to use my camera.

We have found some great Hampshire and Isle of Wight wildlife trust sites with lakes around us that are teaming with all kinds of birds and have started doing walks there early on Sunday mornings. Last week we did over 4 miles at Blashford lakes and I saw about 20 different types of birds. Awesome!

This post however, is from my local park- Riverside Park. It isn’t a bad place to go for a walk or to feed the ducks and swans. Which reminds me. I have, since taking these photos, found out that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD WE FEED THE DUCKS AND SWANS BREAD. Yes, I guess most of you know this already but I honestly had no clue. It has been one of my favourite past times for most of my life and now I just feel bloody guilty. It is so not good for them. Apparently it’s like us just eating tons and tons of big macs all day everyday. I pledge to never feed them bread ever again. But, seeing as I did the other day, I’ll show you my cool photos I got.

This first one is of a young Black Headed Gull. You will see the difference in colour to the adults behind him. I.e, the beak and legs as well as the baby feathers on his wings. Very cute.

young black headed gull

This next one is a young Herring Gull. I am not sure what he’s doing but it looks like he’s trying to eat rocks! I saw these gulls the other day picking up clams or some other type of shell fish and flying up really high and then dropping the shell onto rocks below to smash the shell so they could get at the food. I knew they did it I just had never seen it myself before. It was pretty awesome. Maybe this one thinks he has a shell? Anyway, the image isn’t good, I just love Gulls so I had to put it in.

young herring gull eating rocks!

This next one is of a Black Headed Gull, posing. Actually he was waiting for me to give him some bread. Which I won’t be doing again. I feel so bad that I may have been hurting all these birds. I love the way he’s standing- it makes him look like he’s being all coy! Anyway, notice that in the winter they lose their black plumage around their heads. I do love Gulls!

black headed gull with white head!

The next picture shows just how crazy bread makes the Gulls. And the ducks and swans too go mad and peck each other to bits. I should have had the sense to realise it wasn’t good for them ages ago. It makes them act like crazy crack heads.

Feeding Frenzy!

The last picture is of a little cute bird I spotted on the river bank. I have no idea what it is. Well, I think it may be a sandpiper or something but it was a bit small looking. I shall try to find out. If anyone knows, please do tell me in the comments section! Thanks.

Is it a sand piper?

Well, it is nice to be back. I have a few more bird pictures coming up soon from our nature walks at the lakes. I promise I won’t be gone months like before! Don’t forget, I have many more pictures that I don’t post on here at my Flickr page. Check it out!