Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walking at Testwood Lakes

Hi guys. I mentioned in my last post that we have been out walking a lot recently. We are trying to get out every weekend. This is great for our health but also great for this blog too as I get to go bird spotting with my camera.

A couple of weeks ago we went walking very locally to a place called Testwood Lakes. This site is based just next to Southampton and is very beautiful. I can’t believe I’d never been before seeing as it is literally 5 or 10 minutes away in the car.

There are a few beautiful lakes there and a ton of wonderful birds. When we went, it was all white with frost everywhere and parts of the lakes were frozen. It was pretty stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We saw many birds that I had never seen before which is always an awesome feeling. Enjoy the pictures! (Some are not very good because I was using my zoom lens and couldn’t get any closer)

The first one is of a couple of Fieldfare. I tried to get closer but only succeeded in scaring them off!


This below is a Redwing (small member of the Thrush family). Kudos to Brian who got it right even though I thought he’d made the name up!

Redwing Thrush

The next few are of one of my favourite types of bird- Canada Geese. The first one, as you can see, is of the Geese standing on the frozen lake.

geese on ice

Here they are in flight.

geese in flight

This is a photo of some Mallards, a Swan and some Black Headed Gulls (minus their black heads!)

water birds

This is a picture of a little Dunnock (formerly known as the Hedge Sparrow). This is a very little and pretty bird.

Singing Dunnock

This is a female Chaffinch on a feeder near a hide. Once again, a very beautiful little bird.

Chaffinch (female)

This is a Great Tit on the feeders at the hide.

great tit

I heard this very noisy Robin and turned and it was right in front of us. Here it is in full voice!

robin singing

This photo is of some gulls on the frozen lake. These are young Herring Gulls and Black Headed Gulls I think.

gulls on ice

This next photo is of a tree that has been inhabited by Woodpeckers. I was chuffed to bits when Brian pointed it out. I’ve never seen anything like it before! There were plenty of Green Woodpeckers about and also Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

woodpecker tree

The following photos show what the lakes and surrounding area looked like in the cold, cold frost. I am particularly pleased with these. They were taken with a smaller lens- not my 250mm zoom lens this time.

lake reeds

frosted reeds


This last one is my favourite.

frozen view 2

I have more photos from walks coming up. I never realised how many beautiful nature sites I had right on my own doorstep. Also, I have some pictures from my walk to work which has thrown up some surprising birds! (Well, surprising for me anyway!) Don’t forget to check out my Flickr site for more pictures.