Friday, June 11, 2010

It's all about the fish (Krabi, Thailand)

Today I wanted to bring you a post just about the fish I saw in Thailand. I didn’t see that many fish to be honest but for someone like me, I saw more than I’d normally dream of!

To explain a little, I have a seriously morbid fear of the open water, the sea, being in the water etc… It is hard work to get in a boat for me and hard work to paly in the sea. I never go past about waist height and I like to wear shoes for fear of what could be in there! I know it is a strange thing but I just am not good with the sea or water.

Anyway, whilst we were in Thailand we went on quite a few boat trips because that was when you got to see the really stunning white sand beaches, out on all the islands. On the trips you’d normally get the opportunity to jump in the sea and do a bit of snorkelling. Off the boat, in the middle of the sea…. With monstrous jelly fish around and the promise that you might even be lucky enough to see a shark! Right, well as you guessed, I didn’t take them up on the offer. But Brian did and he kept on and on about how gorgeous the fish were and the beautiful coral and that it was amazing in there.

After about a week of insane jealousy brewing up inside me, I finally took the plunge and actually snorkelled for the first time. In the open sea. I was terrified and I shook like a leaf the whole time and didn’t let go of Brian or the speedboat for the whole of my first snorkel experience. All 2 or 3 minutes of it! I got back in the boat a proud woman, even if I had only had a mask on and no snorkel. Then, the next place we stopped at, I was the first in the sea believe it or not! I was hooked. By the end of the day, I had the whole group waiting for me as I was quite happily snorkelling, on my own snorkel and everything, miles away from the beach.

As you will see from the pictures, I had a floating aid to help me. It is called a ‘noodle’ and was the best thing I’ve ever bought. I didn’t have to worry about sinking whilst trying to breathe and not freak out. Also, they gave you life jackets on the boats but whilst on the beach the noodle was awesome.

So after all that talking, here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

Ok, so this isn’t a fish. But I’m looking at them. This was before I’d braved the actual snorkel. This was hard work with just the mask as you had to keep coming up for air every few seconds. By the way, the water was about 25 degrees. Like a bath! Closer to 30 nearer the beaches.

Me snorkelling, Thailand

This is what I could see over the side of the boat on one of the trips.

Fish over the coral

Brian snorkelling with my noodle. He found it helped too. Can you see all the fish around him?

Brian snorkelling with my noodle, Thailand

This was me snorkelling minus snorkel at a place called Poda Island. I went off the beach, and it looks like silty water, but I could see plenty of fish. My green noodle sort of attracted the stripey fish that wanted feeding all the time!

Me, snorkelling at Poda Island, Thailand

This is one of the smaller jelly fish that were constantly around whilst you were snorkelling. Nice huh?! Apparently, it is only the tiny bits right at the bottom that actually sting you, which is why our guide didn’t get stung whilst showing off to us! Then, he offered the jelly fish to the members of the group- all said ‘no thanks’ except Brian who then held the jelly fish. I didn’t get any photos of him as I was too busy panicking that he’d get stung!

Live Jelly Fish

These were the greedy fish! Eating bread and things like that.

Fish Feeding Frenzy, Krabi Thailand

These pictures illustrate why we went on day trips to the local islands. Look at the sand and the sea! I wish I was back there now…

Hong Island, nr Krabi, Thailand

Phi Phi Don Thailand
Hong Island, nr Krabi, Thailand

Tup Island, nr Chicken Island, Krabi Thailand

Remember that I have all my holiday photos and many more on my Flickr page. I hope you’ve enjoyed these and that you all enjoy the World Cup!!! I’ll see you in 35 days or so!


  1. STUNNING! I am so glad you posted your experience because I am also afraid of snorkeling but want to do it SO bad!!!! It looks so gorgeous there...I would be so torn between doing photography and braving the snorkeling! You are giving me some courage!

  2. Beautiful pictures, especially the jelly fish. I feel exactly the way you do about the water. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't be as brave as you were to get in that water. Even watching for a week wouldn't get me in there.


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