Friday, August 27, 2010

Day trip to Tiger Temple. Krabi, Thailand

Day trip to Tiger Temple. Krabi, Thailand

Ok so I didn’t really do as many posts as I would have liked about our holiday to Thailand. So, I have decided to show you photos from our first day trip. It was lovely.

We went for a walk up to a place called Tiger Temple. There are no tigers there, just a lot of pesky monkeys! Oh, and a giant Buddha, some shrines and a great view. I have to point out at this point, that we had to climb up 1237 steps to get to the top of the cliff. I thought that didn’t sound like much. Big mistake. It was horrific and I really don’t know how I made it up there! The steps are very steep too and at the top of each section there is a little helpful reminder of how many steps are left to go. It got pretty soul destroying actually. Also, as you start the ascent, there are monkeys around winding you up and being generally mischievous!

However, it was a lot worse on the way down. The steps were so steep and my legs had turned to jelly (from the way up!) that I had to go down quite quickly to stop my legs from wobbling! It was not fun at all. I managed to get a few photos of the stairs- very steep and scary. In a couple of places I had to go down on my backside it was so steep. N.B I seem to have misplaced the photos of the stairs. Once I find them, I’ll add them in.

The view was great (even though I maintain NOT worth the 1237 steps!) and it was excellent once we reached the top as there was a big water chiller there for anyone who got up there. There was also a random dog up there. Weird.

This is the view down on where we started from the top.

View from Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand

These are at the top.

Buddha at Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand

Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand. At the top!

Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand. At the top!

This is us, hot, wet and very knackered!

View from Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand

This was the view… worth 1237 steps in 40 degree heat?

View from Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand

View from Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand

Very cute monkey.

Monkey at Tiger Temple, Krabi Thailand

After the temple visit we went to a hot springs waterfall. This was lovely and the water was about 40 degrees. It was a bit crowded though but good for a little stop off. It was so pretty deep in the jungle.

Hot Springs Waterfall

We were then taken to a place called the Emerald Pool, in the middle of the jungle again. This place was quite random! They had lilos and rubber rings etc… Was quite busy but nice all the same. The pool was also surrounded by the Crystal Streams. You can see why they call them that in the pictures.

Emerald Pool, Krabi Thailand

Emerald pool area, Krabi, Thailand

This is Brian enjoying the stream.

Brian in the water at the Crystal stream, Krabi, Thailand

I got a little bored so decided to look for the Blue Pool. I took a path through the jungle and eventually found it. It was not for swimming, just photos. It was quite pretty.

Jungle Pathway

Jungle Pathway

Blue Pool

It was a great day out and we did really enjoy it, even after the monstrous climb! I will do a couple of posts for each day trip we did in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to check out my Flickr page where I store all my photos. See you soon.


  1. What a fabulous view. I would do the climb for a view like that :) Love all the shots, looks like a great day trip to me

  2. I don't think I would have climbed all of those stairs, but it looks like it was well worth it. I think I may have heard of this place before, but only about the many stairs and the monkeys.

  3. Hi wondered where the Thailand shots were :-)

    Great pics and the hot springs look fantastic, shame there were no tigers at the temple although I suppose they are better off in the jungle.

  4. Found your blog thanks to Ratty, what awesome photos. I am glad to be here.

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