Friday, August 06, 2010

Meet my hedgehogs...

Ok, so now it is time to introduce you to my hedgehogs. They are beautiful little creatures! The first hedgehog turned up on the day that we lost Buzz- that very evening actually. The little critter has done well to keep my mind off losing Buzz to be honest.

I called it Mr Hedgehog. How wrong I was- it turns out she’s a Mrs Hedgehog with babies! The other night 3 babies were in the garden altogether. I have a friend who used to look after rescue hogs and she says that she would have had the babies in about June and then kicked them out after 6-8 weeks to fend for themselves. She obviously showed them where a regular food supply was though. Apparently, the babies will probably stick together for a while, maybe even hibernate together. How cute is that?

Anyway, pictures! These are of the Mum to start with. She is quite big.





Now here’s a couple of pictures of two of the babies.



They aren’t scared of me or anyone in the garden to be honest. I had my Mum come round to feed them the last week as I was away in France on holiday. They carry on doing their thing and munching on the cat biscuits even if you talk loudly or make a racket. They even let me take the lid off the box to photograph them whilst they eat.

Hedgehogs are becoming exceedingly rare over here in the UK and I feel really lucky that I have one, let alone babies too! I live in a town but we have a really good strip of gardens all the way along my road which is obviously good enough for the hedgehogs. I feed them every night and clean up their food and water box every night too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my hedgehog and her babies- I’ll keep you updated with them. Don’t forget to check out my Flickr page- plenty more on there!

By the way, it was great to find out that I have pictures of an animal that you don’t have in America- purely because I am always looking at all your photos and thinking ‘it’s so unfair we don’t get interesting animals like that over here’ then Ratty told me that you don’t get them over there! I was pleased with that. Have a great day everyone!