Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cool Pictures from Thailand (last post, honest!)

So I thought I would round off my holiday posts with a few photos that didn’t really fit with any of my other posts. This will be my last Krabi post. Phew! I hear you say…!

I can’t believe I’ve managed to spread out a two week holiday into 6 months worth of posts. Sorry about that!

So here we are, my last lot of Thailand snaps.

This was a great scene- I was so lucky to actually get this photo as the battery had gone in the camera. I managed to switch it over in time to get this photo of a huge lizard running off with his toad supper! This was just at the side of the road too.

Big Lizard with prey - frog for dinner!

In this photo they were harvesting bird nests for bird nest soup. I honestly thought that bird nest soup was just a name, I didn’t realise they actually do use bird nests!! But look at the water, just beautiful.

Harvesting bird nests for bird nest soup. Weird.

This was probably the best side car tuk tuk that I saw whilst in Thailand. It was pretty awesome.

Fancy Tuk Tuk

And this one was cool too- a banging sound system built into the side car with neon lights.

Bangin' Tuk Tuk

This was a weird one. There was a guy living in a cave on this island. Well, it wasn’t really an island, more a big rock in the middle of the sea! There was no boat moored there, just the guy and his washing. The boat in the picture is another long boat on a tour like we were.

Hermit in cave. Nr Krabi Thailand

I saw a few of these gorgeous red birds visiting the many red flowers around the hotel grounds. I don’t have a clue what they are but they are gorgeous. Not a good photo I’m afraid, I was miles away!

Beautiful little red bird

Brian asked the woman’s permission to take this photo. It was cute, but I’m too shy to ask so he did! The kids loved it.

Time for a bath!

And he took this one too. This guy had just caught this and I guess was pretty pleased with it.

Catch of the day!

I love this picture. A beautiful little Gecko. Notice the awful sounding menu?! We didn't eat in places like these I can tell you! we went Thai food all the way. Apart from the Macdonalds we had once. It's my thing- I have to have one in every country I go to.

Gecko on restaurant menu sign

And this one, even if it is a bit blurry. This Gecko was huge- about the size of my forearm and hand!

Huge Gecko

This bird was so cute. It was right by our feet and was not scared at all. I don’t know what it is though, but they were fairly common.

Pretty Thai Bird

This was the LIVE jelly fish that our guide scooped up out of the water. Brian had a hold too. Crazy people. Apparently though, it is the tiny bits right at the bottom that sting.

Live Jelly Fish

I think these may be Purple Herons? Or black Herons if there is such a thing? I’m not sure but I know they are stunning.

Herons. Purple I think!

This was a crazy little crab we spotted. There were thousands popping out of little holes in the sand. They were waving their one big claw about in such a funny way! In their thousands, waving, they looked like flies. I actually thought it was tons of flies til Brian got a closer look and pointed out they were actually really tiny, very cool crabs.

Crazy Thai Crab

So that is it from my holiday to Krabi in Thailand. I am sorry I managed to drag it out so long but hope that you enjoyed looking at the pictures.

I am off to Egypt in Spring next year and have a really nifty new Panasonic Lumix underwater camera to try out. It is the FT2 (in USA, TS2) and it is a brilliant compact digital. Great colours and so easy to use and does HD videos. It is the perfect holiday camera for when you don’t want to worry about the dslr getting lugged about. Also, being an underwater camera means no need to worry if you’re at the beach or on a boat.

I am planning a lot of snorkelling and even my first scuba dive so there will be plenty of underwater shots and HD movies to show you all. I bet you’re looking forward to that! Ha ha ha- I’ll try not to drag it out so long this time!

Don’t forget to check out my Flickr page as I have a lot of Thailand photos among others that do not make it on here.

See you soon.