Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day out on scooters, Krabi, Thailand

Hi everyone. Today I have another post from my holiday in Thailand. Wow, you must be excited huh?! I know it is taking me ages but I still have photos I want you to see. Back to the post…

So one day, I said to Brian that I wanted to rent scooters for the day as I had heard they were really cheap. At first he wasn’t keen because he thought it would be dangerous and I might get hurt seeing as I have never, ever ridden a scooter or motorbike!

I was persistent and he came round to the idea. We arranged it and it cost us the equivalent of £5 for 24 hours. I guess that’s about $8-9 maybe? Very cheap anyway. The guy turned up with our scooters and I saw that they were 135cc. Much bigger than you can ride in the UK without a proper license. The limit here is 50cc and you have to pass a cbt road test. They were ‘twist and go’ scooters which was amazing because I had no gear changing to worry about. Anyway, after a brief description of the controls, Brian sped off up the road. I was left alone with the guy watching me. I tried not to look like I hadn’t been on one before (they wouldn’t have let me go otherwise!) but I was a shambles as I wobbled off up the road. I caught up with Brian and made him pull over then asked him how I was supposed to go round corners! Very funny but also worrying as we headed out onto the main roads. I soon got the hang and absolutely loved it!

Here we are filling up the scooters. It cost us about $4/ £2 to fill up the tank.

Brian and our bikes.

Fill her up...

As you can see, I decided to wear my silly helmet. Brian didn’t. But to be honest I was wearing shorts and tshirt so there wasn’t much point wearing the helmet really as I would have ended up squished and cut up if I’d come off anyway!

The roads were scary at first then they were brilliant. The cars and trucks or busses and lorries would beep the horn to let you know they were coming up behind and overtaking. At first that was weird but then we got used to it. It was very strange being overtaken by other scooters with 3 or 4 people on… or a whole family, baby included!

We got to see some great stuff away from the resort. We drove through remote parts of town and saw people’s homes and life away from the beach resort of Ao Nang. We went to a place where they look after elephants and offer rides to people. We did not want a ride on an elephant but stopped to take photos. One young boy was pleased to let us photograph him and his elephant and got him to wind Brian up with his trunk which was funny. I, in typical Lucy fashion, was scared stiff by the huge creature so just stayed back and took photos!

Smiling Elephant, Krabi, Thailand

Young Mahout with his elephant

Young Mahout with his elephant



I spotted this other elephant just relaxing, leaning on the floor of that building, made me giggle!


The elephants seemed ok and there were a couple of babies chilling out playing football with each other- not chained up. Also, the mahouts do have this big spike thing but I only saw the young lad scratching behind the ear with it, not poking him or anything. I noticed where the rope goes around their bodies, it is encased in rubber tubing so as not to chafe the animals. I thought this showed they care about them.


So that day we just rode around taking in the jungle and palm and rubber fields. It was great. I’ll finish off with a couple of pictures of me on the scooter and looking silly in a funny hat as usual!

Me on the scooter!

Me on the scooter!

Don’t forget all these and more are on my Flickr page. Be back soon with some more!


  1. I actually like Thailand because it is an enchanting place for me. I really wanted to go to such place. I am planing to go this mid year. I hope I'll enjoy the stay. Can I you help me out on what landmarks that is good for a tourist vacation in Thailand? That would really help me a lot. Thanks

  2. Hi Elisa. I have only been to Krabi, Thailand and I can say it was truly amazing. There is so much to do in and around Krabi. There are many organised tours available and there are literally scores of shops that offer these tours all along the beach front. If you were to do a Google search for 'things to do in Krabi' you will find a lot! For starters: Tiger temple (walk up 1237 steps!), Emerald pool (natural green swimming pool in jungle) sea kayaking, snorkelling, diving, climbing, Hot springs (natural hot waterfall in jungle), Elephant rides, phi phi islands, night market etc... there is always a lot of activity. I hope you get to go.


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