Friday, April 08, 2011

Picasso fish

Picasso fish 1, originally uploaded by Bemused26.

This is one of my favourite fish from Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. It is a Picasso Trigger Fish and was very tough to get photos of but I got there in the end. Actually, I eventually ended up with quite a few! He is so handsome this one. They were always in pairs too. I only ever saw the one pair of these though as I did all my snorkelling in the shallows at our private beach. I was too scared to go in the deep water off the jetty- it was 45m deep! I'll be back soon with some proper posts with plenty of pictures!


  1. I kept looking at this fish and wondering about the beautifully odd look, and trying to find the words that described him. Then it came to me. It's the name! It describes this fish perfectly.

  2. It does match its name very well!


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