Monday, May 09, 2011

Kestrel in Sharm el Sheikh

Here is a post from my recent holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Our hotel room at the Hauza Beach Resort had a garden view. The patio doors opened up onto a lovely grassy area. One morning I popped out there first thing and was startled by this Kestrel, about 10ft in front of me on the grass! I couldn’t believe how close it was. I kind of looked at it for a few seconds and when I realised it was not perturbed by me, I sneaked into the room, put my big zoom lens on the Canon and sneaked back out again to get some pictures.

Whilst I was watching, I realised that it was in fact digging for worms! I was really pleased that I could see this for myself as I had heard once or twice that often birds of prey will dig up worms if they need to. Often times, kestrels feed their babies worms too.

This kestrel did indeed have babies I reckon as we spotted a pair of kestrels either mating or doing something else busy right up in a cubby hole on the roof of the main reception area. I think it was the same kestrel from the garden and it looked like they were on a nest. I didn’t manage to get photos of that though unfortunately.

I was quite surprised by the number of birds of prey we saw. We saw quite a few Ospreys and Kestrels but we also saw a few falcons and some other big birds. It was a nice surprise as I was not expecting to see much wildlife seeing as Sharm el Sheikh is a purpose built place right on the beach. There is literally nothing behind or between the resorts, just mountains and sandy desert.

Anyway, here is the kestrel from outside our room. Enjoy!

kestrel 1

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  1. Woooooow so pretty and lovely so...................... nice

  2. Big birds like this are always some of my favorite. They all just seem so fierce and majestic. I consider it a huge event every time I see a big bird of prey.


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