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Birthday in Cairo, March 21st 2011

We took the Sharm el Sheikh holiday over my birthday and decided that we would visit Cairo and the Pyramids on my actual birthday. I really wanted to go to Luxor as well but we decided we will definitely be going back to Egypt in the future and we will go to Luxor another time.

We managed to get the Cairo trip with a really good discount seeing as they didn’t have many tourists at the time. We had made a couple of friends at our hotel called Richard and Sarah and they decided they wanted to come too. We used a company called Sharm Club as we had seen excellent reviews and recommendations and they were also the cheapest. We got picked up from the hotel about 5am and got taken by taxi to the airport. We booked in and found out we had been upgraded to business class which meant a free drink before we left. (We found out afterwards that they had given us business class because they didn’t have any economy seats left for that day and the travel rep didn’t want to make us go on another day because it was my birthday. How sweet!)

On the plane we were put at the front with the business customers and the economy ‘paupers’ were shut away by curtains and a burly security guard! We were given drinks and cakes during the 40 minute journey. All 4 of us were pleased as punch by this point already! When we landed we were ushered off first while the security guard held the others back and we were put on our own bus to the terminal. The economy passengers were held back until we were all out of customs- it was great! As you can tell, I’ve never flown business class before :)

We met our tour guide for the day, Shariff (he was the BEST!) and 1 other guy who was to be in our party. It was pretty much like a private tour as we had 1 guide for just 5 of us. He told us there were normally 20 odd people per group. The guide was excellent and really made our day so much fun.

We started out by going to the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo. It was really quite something. Cairo itself was hectic and very run down and full of immense traffic. To make it worse though, it was a mess thanks to the huge uprising of January 2011 which saw the long time president Hosni Mubarak forced out of power.

Next to the beautiful museum was the ruling party’s HQ building that had been completely destroyed by fire. It was pretty surreal to see it burnt out next to this awesome museum which was surrounded by real artifacts… See the picture here:

Egyptian Government HQ after uprising!

I could have spent all day in that museum. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed the cameras inside; we had to leave them in a guarded kiosk. It was so, so amazing to see all the artifacts and coffins and just everything! We didn’t have a look at the mummies as none of us fancied it to be honest but we did get to see Tutankhamen’s Mask and jewellery. It was pretty awe inspiring to see it all. 17kg of solid gold mask. Wow. They were lucky that these things were not looted by the Mubarak thugs…

After the museum, we went on a sailing boat across the Nile. It was really cool and we all enjoyed it. The boat ride was about 20 minutes long. We then went and had our lunch (included with the trip) at a huge floating TGI Fridays. I was so happy with this! We got a 3 course meal which was very, very enjoyable. We then headed off to the Pyramids.

The Pyramids are an amazing sight. We were all pretty gobsmacked when we got there. It is quite surreal really as you are driving along amongst traffic and buildings and tower blocks and then you spot these big stone peaks every now and again through the buildings. Very odd.

Here are some pictures of how amazing they look. Our guide also tipped one of the security guards so we were able to take our cameras into one of the smaller pyramids and get some great pictures.


Sphinx & Pyramids

Brian being silly!

Inside a Pyramid

We then went on and visited the Sphinx. It was surprising how quiet it was really. We were advised that normally it is literally heaving with tourists and people trying to make some money by selling the normal tat. Which I bought by the way! I bought my Mum a lovely wooden cat for about £2- can’t go wrong really!



Brian and Sphinx
Brian being silly again!

After the seeing the Sphinx and posing for silly photographs, we headed off to a papyrus shop where we saw how they were made and even though none of us bought any artwork (way too expensive!) they still gave us a free gift of papyrus bookmarks as we left.

At the end of the day we flew back to Sharm and zonked out! IT was a very tiring yet amazing day and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are going to Sharm el SheikhCheck out Sharm Club (By the way, I am in no way affiliated with them, I just really did enjoy my trip and really do recommend them)

Don’t forget these photos and more are on my Flickr page.

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  1. It must have been great to be there at one of the most historic places on Earth. I can't imagine how I'd feel being there.


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