Friday, March 30, 2012

Carp and Lake Fishing Photos 2011

A post with loads of pictures of fish- what could be more interesting than that huh?!

As I mentioned, myself and Brian have been doing an awful lot of lake fishing this last year. We’ve joined a local angling club, EADAC (Eastleigh and District Angling Club) which gives us access to loads of lovely lakes and I can fish for free being Brian’s spouse. It’s a great club with many great fishing lakes and stretches of river.

We’re not your typical hard core carp fishermen, more day anglers. We fish most Saturdays and Sundays and we really enjoy it. I prefer to fish for other fish as well and don’t just target the carp. I find carp fishing can be a quite boring sport when you’re not going for other fish too. So I tend to fish with one rod for carp and then use my pole or another rod to float fish for fish such as roach, bream, perch etc.. and sometimes I catch carp this way too.

Anyway, enough of my chat. Here are some of my favourite pictures from our fishing season 2011. These are just our fish from the UK- I’ve not included the fish pictures from our holidays. Maybe I’ll do a separate post with those one day.

Our best ever first off-

17lbs 12oz Common Carp- Brian’s personal best, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

12lbs 7oz Common Carp- My personal best, Broadlands, Southampton:
12lbs 7oz- biggest of the day! (and personal best)

All the others now…

Bream at Manor Farm Lake, Ower:

Common carp, Whinwhistle Fishery, Wiltshire:
big carp 1

My first Tench, Whinwhistle Fishery, Wiltshire:
My first Tench

13lbs 8oz Mirror Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

7lbs Common Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

12lbs 9oz Mirror Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

3lbs 13oz Tench, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

11lbs 10oz Common Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

4lbs 9oz Pike, Brian’s first! Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

Common Carp, Botleigh Grange Lake, Southampton:

Tench, Botleigh Grange Lake, Southampton:

Common Carp, Botleigh Grange Lake, Southampton:

Mirror Carp, Botleigh Grange Lake, Southampton:

Little Common Carp (maybe a Ghost Carp?), Witherington Farm, Salisbury:

My favourite fish I’ve caught yet, ornamental common carp, Witherington Farm, Salisbury:

Big Brown Goldfish, Witherington Farm, Salisbury:

10lbs Mirror Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

15lbs 8oz Common Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

5lbs Mirror Carp, Ninham Country Park, Isle of Wight:
5 lbs mirror carp

6lbs 8oz Common Carp, Ninham Country Park, Isle of Wight:
6.5 lbs common carp

15lbs Mirror Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

12lbs 9oz Mirror Carp, Stoneham Lakes, Southampton:

8lbs 12oz Common Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
8lbs 12oz common comp

8lbs Mirror Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
8lbs mirror

My first Pike, 3lbs- scary stuff! Broadlands, Southampton:
big pike

7lbs 11oz Mirror Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
brian 7lbs 11oz mirror comp

4lbs 3oz Mirror Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
4lbs 3oz mirror

4lbs 6oz Common Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
4lbs 6oz common

7lbs 11oz Mirror Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
7lbs 11oz mirror

8lbs 12oz Common Carp, Broadlands, Southampton:
8lbs 12oz common

Phew- so that was the best of the UK fish we caught in 2012. Obviously, we had more… I just thought that was enough pictures already!

There are more pictures on my Flickr page don’t forget. I’ll be back soon with some new posts.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lake Fishing (in the UK)

I thought I might do a quick post showing you the lakes that me and Brian have been fishing recently. These pictures were mostly taken in Summer 2011. I will add some pictures later on of a few of the fish we've been catching but first, just the lakes so you can see the beauty that we have been surrounded by recently.

These first few are of Stoneham Lakes. These lakes are right near us and are private- they belong to the club that Brian is a member of. We can fish here whenever we like and not pay a daily charge. We like it here. They have carp up to around 30lbs in the top lake and up to around 20lbs or so in the bottom lake. As well as the mirror, common, ghost and crucian carp they also have pike, perch, roach, rudd, tench, bream and eels.






These lakes at Stoneham are beautiful. We are always surrounded by nature. There are often over 20 or so species of birds flying around including cormorants, ducks, several types of geese, swans, coots, moorhens, jays, kingfishers, tree creepers, nut hatches, seagulls, robins, various types of tits, birds of prey, herons and we even had a parrot recently! Admittedly, it was an escapee but it still adds to the tally!

We also see plenty of deer which is nice. Sorry for the awful, highly zoomed photo, but here are 2 deer we saw not that long ago:

2 Deer

During Spring and Summer, there are a huge amount of geese and ducks on the lakes at Stoneham. The Canada Geese and Greylag Geese nest there and we get huge numbers! They have just turned up again and will be breeding soon. The babies are so cute but can cause a nuisance to fishermen for obvious reasons! Here are a couple of pictures showing the geese:



This is another lake we visit occasionally called Witherington Farm in Salisbury, UK. It is a great lake complex and I love it there. This photo was taken in November 2011 and we actually had near on 20 degrees sun that day. It was a strange winter for us in the UK- very mild.

Misty lake

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos. I'll be back soon with some fish photos!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hawk Conservancy Trust Visit, UK

I visited the Hawk Conservancy Trust in summer 2011 with some friends who happen to all be great amateur photographers with really fancy kit. That day I felt so embarrassed by my little Canon 450D but it was still a great day and I got a few shots I was eventually happy with. I am going again with Brian this time, somewhen in the next month and hope to get some more nice pictures.

I was inspired to actually post the pictures by Ratty over at The Everyday Adventurer as he put a post up with a picture of what he suspects is an American Bald Eagle. Personally, I think he's right and it is a Bald Eagle but I'm of course no expert. Maybe you can visit his post and offer your comments?

Here are a few of the best photos from that day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust.
The first few are the Bald Eagle.

bald eagle 2

bald eagle 3

bald eagle

bald eagle flying 2

These are of Vultures. I love Vultures!

vulture flying 2

vulture flying

This is a Falcon with his prey.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures! More will follow soon as I will be heading back there and I will make sure I take plenty of photos. Also, Brian bought me an amazing Christmas present- a photography day at the Isle of Wight Zoo! I am going start of May so expect to see some close up animal shots. The zoo specialises in looking after big cats and lemurs. And, with the photo experience you get to go in the Ring Tailed Lemur enclosure and have special photograph opportunities with the white tigers and lions (areas to get photos without annoying fences in the way). Also, we'll get macro photography opportunities with reptiles and ..... OMG .... arachnids. I'm so looking forward to the day and showing off my photographs. I am being lent a nice macro lens by a friend for the occasion and hopefully my 250mm is good enough for the lions and tigers.

Don't forget to check out my Flickr site as I have many more of my photographs there. Be back soon!