Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tunisia New Year 2012/2013- Hammamet

This past New Year, we decided we wanted to go away with Brian’s children and their partners. We set ourselves a very low budget and began to have a look at some winter sun destinations. We wanted to go to Egypt but for that week the prices were ludicrous and more than we had paid for our 2 weeks a year ago.

We ended up booking Tunisia on the off chance it might be warm. We went to Hammamet. Well, it was certainly warmer than the UK during winter but it wasn’t great. We were up most mornings swimming in the heated outdoor pool and walking along the beaches. We ate breakfast outside everyday so the weather was pretty ok. Very sunny, just not hot. To be fair, we were in t-shirt and shorts most days so it wasn’t all that bad! The kids of course, were not impressed! They didn’t even go in the pool that was 27 degrees because they said it was freezing! It was amusing. Me and Brian made the most of the holiday anyway even if the kids weren’t that motivated.

We made sure to walk along the beach as much as we could. Our little bit of beach was beautiful, but either side was pretty horrible. It was like the buildings were empty ad no one had cleaned the beaches in years. It looked pretty awful. The streets outside were quite the same. I think since they have had their revolution (the so called Arab Spring started off in Tunisia), there has been less tourism and a lot less money being spent on tourist areas. The streets were strewn with rubbish and it just looked desolate and empty. To be fair though, the hotel was fine for what it was- a 4* all inclusive.

So here are some of the photos from that week in Tunisia over New Year 2012. As you can see- the sky is mostly blue and the water is stunning. Just one day I got a black sky in the photo.

The beach at the hotel:


Brian looking lovely at the beach:



Look at that water:


Oh, and a camel and black skies:

Sunsets at the beach:



 Hotel grounds:





This is the outdoor pool- not heated so not in use- and that is where we had breakfast in the mornings:




This was the heated pool, half indoor and half outdoor. We were in there every day for a good couple of hours until the sun went away:



This was a stunning display that the hotel had in reception. It was ALL made from food! All of it- every last bit. Needless to say someone got drunk and had a nibble… but it wasn’t me or Brian:



The hotel was home to many, many cats which I absolutely loved! The hotel staff looked after them and asked people not to feed them as they were already being fed, but obviously people carried on regardless. The girl cats were really friendly and cuddled up to you at breakfast times- we ate outside. The boy cats were not as friendly and were pretty much there for the food and to hump a female cat if he got the chance!

These two look *exactly* the same as my cats from when I was younger- Reggie and Billie. They are also mum and baby too. It was eerie to say the least! You can see posts about them much earlier on in my archive. These two were nice and cuddly:


Look at these beautiful little kittens we found! Their mother (the one at the front in the photo above) had hidden them away behind a pillar near the breakfast restaurant and by the heated pool.


The main shopping village at Yasmine Hammamet:


Neighbouring hotel and sunset:


Beautiful scenery along the beach towards the old souk/ market (you may recognise one photo from my header!):




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Beauty all Around! Warsash, Southampton, UK

I want to show you a few photographs from a place very local to me. It is called Warsash and it has a ‘beach front’. It is across the water from a massive refinery called Fawley. Sometimes, people in and from Southampton forget how lucky we are living in a city that is so close to all this beauty. I know of people who moan about the place but in reality, we are surrounded by beauty and nature- more so than a lot of other cities I can think of in the UK!

We have forests, national parks, local parks, country parks, woods, water fronts, beaches, harbours, rivers and lakes all on our doorstep. Most things are just a short walk or drive from the city and many are right inside the city. So here are some photos from Warsash. I think you will be able to see the beauty I mentioned- even when looking across the water at the refinery!







Nature reserve areas:




Beach front:


Here is an Oystercatcher that I spotted on that sign. I used my compact Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2 (TZ2 in USA I believe) for this shot so had to zoom in and due to it being an underwater camera, the zoom is pretty poor!  These birds are great and you can always hear them before you see them because they make a really loud screeching sound.


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birds, birds, birds!

Hi again to any readers I may still have! I hope you like the look of my new blog. I have updated the cover photo with one I took from a recent trip to Tunisia and have changed my title font and colour to match my new template. I liked the dynamic template but it was just too glitchy so I've gone back to a simple design.
Today I have some photos of a few birds that I took a while ago whilst in France. I really quite like these photos, especially the one of the Great Black Backed Gull.  

Great black-backed

 Here are some storks, egrets and stilts:

Storks, Egrets and Black
winged Stilts

storks, egrets, stilts,
swans and a goose.


Black winged stilts

Black winged

 A Swallow taking a breather on a fence:


A Swan looking for food:


One day, whilst we were out river fishing during that trip to France, we spotted a snake swimming across the river! I only managed to get one decent photo of it. It’s not the best but I still wanted to share it. This is a grasssnake.


And finally, I also managed to get a great shot of a beautiful dragonfly during that trip. I don’t know which sort it is, just that it is beautiful! It was perched on a gardening pole in my friends vegetable garden.


I hope you have enjoyed todays photos. I have plenty more that I am hoping to bring to you over the next few days and weeks. I really want to bring my blog up to date and I have done so many things and been to many places since I last wrote that I feel I must share it all with you!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Puppies! Yes- puppy dogs!

Ok, so now for some exciting news! My boyfriend’s children have both gone and got puppies! His daughter has got a pug cross French bulldog called Blue (they are also known as Frenchie Pug, Frug). He is the most beautiful pug in existence. And he is an absolute lunatic too. Brian’s son has got two puppies! One is a Long Haired Chihuahua called Bella (much prettier than those in that link!) and she is so tiny, so funny and full of character for such a little dog. She is so small she sits in her Dad’s hand. Their other puppy is a Japanese shiba Inu called kobe. He is a little stunner and is adorable. Nippy sharp teeth but so cuddly and loving. His fur is so thick and when he was a baby he looked just like a little fox.
So now onto the important bit of the post, the puppy photos! Here they are, from little puppies to how they are now. All are just about a year old now.
(Some of these are from my Instagram account so are poor quality at this size- sorry about that!)

blue h - Copy blue i - Copy IMG_2552 photo blue a IMG_5293 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5728 blue d blue c IMG_3533 IMG_2566 IMG_2518 IMG_2506
I hope you liked seeing the photos of Blue, Bella and Kobe. I have hundreds and hundreds of these puppies and I will surely show you newer photos as I get them. I have some great photos of them out on walks that I can't wait to post about. Don't forget to check out my Flickr page where I store the majority of my photos. I will be back soon with more posts!