Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beauty all Around! Warsash, Southampton, UK

I want to show you a few photographs from a place very local to me. It is called Warsash and it has a ‘beach front’. It is across the water from a massive refinery called Fawley. Sometimes, people in and from Southampton forget how lucky we are living in a city that is so close to all this beauty. I know of people who moan about the place but in reality, we are surrounded by beauty and nature- more so than a lot of other cities I can think of in the UK!

We have forests, national parks, local parks, country parks, woods, water fronts, beaches, harbours, rivers and lakes all on our doorstep. Most things are just a short walk or drive from the city and many are right inside the city. So here are some photos from Warsash. I think you will be able to see the beauty I mentioned- even when looking across the water at the refinery!







Nature reserve areas:




Beach front:


Here is an Oystercatcher that I spotted on that sign. I used my compact Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2 (TZ2 in USA I believe) for this shot so had to zoom in and due to it being an underwater camera, the zoom is pretty poor!  These birds are great and you can always hear them before you see them because they make a really loud screeching sound.


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