Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birds, birds, birds!

Hi again to any readers I may still have! I hope you like the look of my new blog. I have updated the cover photo with one I took from a recent trip to Tunisia and have changed my title font and colour to match my new template. I liked the dynamic template but it was just too glitchy so I've gone back to a simple design.
Today I have some photos of a few birds that I took a while ago whilst in France. I really quite like these photos, especially the one of the Great Black Backed Gull.  

Great black-backed

 Here are some storks, egrets and stilts:

Storks, Egrets and Black
winged Stilts

storks, egrets, stilts,
swans and a goose.


Black winged stilts

Black winged

 A Swallow taking a breather on a fence:


A Swan looking for food:


One day, whilst we were out river fishing during that trip to France, we spotted a snake swimming across the river! I only managed to get one decent photo of it. It’s not the best but I still wanted to share it. This is a grasssnake.


And finally, I also managed to get a great shot of a beautiful dragonfly during that trip. I don’t know which sort it is, just that it is beautiful! It was perched on a gardening pole in my friends vegetable garden.


I hope you have enjoyed todays photos. I have plenty more that I am hoping to bring to you over the next few days and weeks. I really want to bring my blog up to date and I have done so many things and been to many places since I last wrote that I feel I must share it all with you!

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