Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Puppies! Yes- puppy dogs!

Ok, so now for some exciting news! My boyfriend’s children have both gone and got puppies! His daughter has got a pug cross French bulldog called Blue (they are also known as Frenchie Pug, Frug). He is the most beautiful pug in existence. And he is an absolute lunatic too. Brian’s son has got two puppies! One is a Long Haired Chihuahua called Bella (much prettier than those in that link!) and she is so tiny, so funny and full of character for such a little dog. She is so small she sits in her Dad’s hand. Their other puppy is a Japanese shiba Inu called kobe. He is a little stunner and is adorable. Nippy sharp teeth but so cuddly and loving. His fur is so thick and when he was a baby he looked just like a little fox.
So now onto the important bit of the post, the puppy photos! Here they are, from little puppies to how they are now. All are just about a year old now.
(Some of these are from my Instagram account so are poor quality at this size- sorry about that!)

blue h - Copy blue i - Copy IMG_2552 photo blue a IMG_5293 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5728 blue d blue c IMG_3533 IMG_2566 IMG_2518 IMG_2506
I hope you liked seeing the photos of Blue, Bella and Kobe. I have hundreds and hundreds of these puppies and I will surely show you newer photos as I get them. I have some great photos of them out on walks that I can't wait to post about. Don't forget to check out my Flickr page where I store the majority of my photos. I will be back soon with more posts!

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