Monday, June 10, 2013

Pug Puppy - Blue the Pug cross French Bulldog (Frenchie Pug or Frug)

So the other day Brian and I got to baby sit Blue, his daughters Frenchie Pug / Frug puppy. He is one quarter French Bulldog and three quarters Pug. I say he’s a puppy, he’s actually just over a year old now but he’ll always be a puppy to me. I love this boy so much it is unbelievable. And, I am a cat person so it surprises me how much I love him!

This is the beautiful boy:


Anyway, seeing as Blue has an immense amount of energy and is completely relentless ALL THE TIME we decided we would have a crack at knackering him out so he would sleep all night.

So we took him for a walk at 12.30pm. We went to a place called Hamble, Southampton and walked him up and down the beach:


We then went to a beautiful place in Hamble called HambleCommon. We walked around the woods and along the waterfront to Hamble Marina where we had an ice cream and Blue watched the other dogs playing in the water. We walked back through the common and all along the river where blue watched some Spaniels having a whale of a time. Blue is not really into water so much but as it was hot, he did have a bit of a paddle which we thought was pretty brave for him. Then he had a little accident and ended up falling in some very deep water. It was so funny! He went right under the water and disappeared but luckily he was on the lead so Brian managed to drag him back up! He was not impressed and looked so surprised when he popped back up! We were laughing so hard we ended up in tears. Needless to say blue did not find it so amusing. We carried on walking and went back to the beach and walked some more so he could dry off a bit.



In this photo below, he was standing 6 inches from where the water got very deep. He couldn’t see the edge though like we could.



After Hamble, we went to Manor Farm Country Park for some more walking. This country park is lovely and is mostly woodlands with a couple of open fields and play areas for children. It was heaving that day as it was so hot and sunny. We had to keep Blue on the lead unfortunately as he has a little problem with picnics. He has a habit of launching himself into, yes… INTO peoples picnics and coming out with their food. Needless to say, we thought it best to keep him tethered during the walk at manor Farm. The country park also has a section that runs along the Hamble River so it is a really lovely place.

After our walking, we got home and had some dinner. We then decided seeing as it was still sunny that we would take a walk down to the park and then onto the White Swan Pub for a beer. We like that pub as it sits right on the River Itchen and it's only a 35 minute walk away from us, through the beautiful Riverside Park. The walk there and back home again is 5km in total. So we thought it’d be good for tiring out Blue. We took a tennis ball and all the way through the park we were making Blue run and chase the ball. And I mean pretty much non-stop. This dog does not seem to have any pug or French bulldog traits (apart from looks and cuteness) as pugs and Frenchies do not run too much. They pant and fuss and then just sit down for arest after about 5 minutes of exercise. Not Blue! He just will not stop! When we got to the pub he was starting to look a little sleepy so we had a nice pint outside and made the journey home.


Along the way we made him chase the tennis ball again as much as he could manage and he enjoyed chasing all the crows too. Then by the time we got home it turns out we were the knackered ones and ended up in bed at about 10pm! So poor old Blue had been out walking and running and chasing balls and birds, swimming and exercising from 12.30pm until 9.30pm. He was bushed and ended up sleeping like a baby until 6am. When of course Brian got up to take him for a walk whilst I stayed in bed!

When his Mum and Dad came to get him that day, he looked so tired. They went to the pub for lunch and said that for the first time in his life, he slept through their entire pub meal rather than trying to get fed every five minutes. They had never seen him so tired! Blue is not normally that way ever.

This is him conked out waiting for Mum and Dad:


We had a great day and night with Blue. It reminds me how lovely it is to have a pet dog or cat but also reminds us why we do not have any companions at the moment. It is hard work and a lot of commitment. We couldn’t just go out at the drop of a hat like we do now. We couldn’t just up and go in our camper van. We couldn’t holiday as much as we do and we certainly would be able to think about leaving the country in a few years. Not without careful planning and consideration for someone other than ourselves that is. I think we are content to have the kid’s puppies as and when we feel like it and they need us to. Even though I find puppies so damned cute!!

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Isle of Wight Beauty

Today I want to show you a few photos from a visit to the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is a little island across the water from Southampton, UK. We love going to the Island as we always have a lovely time there. It is genuinely beautiful and we love just driving around looking at all the beautiful scenery and coastline.

We always take the car ferry over the water, Red Funnel, as we like to stay and camp at our favourite campsite Ninham, near Shanklin. It is a great site with two small carp lakes that we love to fish. It is within walking distance to Shanklin beach too and we often walk down for food and beer and sometimes visit Sandown too. The Isle of Wight is perfect for short breaks really. The reason we have been there recently was to do my photography days at the Isle of Wight Zoo where I got to get really close to the tigers and lions. See my post from the visit here.

Anyway, enjoy the beauty that the Isle of Wight has to offer!


This is a garden display at Ventnor, one of our favourite places:



Beach huts at Ventnor beach:


This was the view whilst walking, somewhere on the Island!


And this is a light house we found during that walk:


Down by one of the beaches:


This is the cable car up at the Needles:


This is the view out to the Needles:



I think this is looking down onto Shanklin beachfront:


And this is a pretty hotel at shanklin or Sandown:


And I thought I’d finish off with some funny looking mushrooms I spotted (photographed whilst drunk so excuse the slight blurriness!)


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