Thursday, June 06, 2013

Isle of Wight Beauty

Today I want to show you a few photos from a visit to the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is a little island across the water from Southampton, UK. We love going to the Island as we always have a lovely time there. It is genuinely beautiful and we love just driving around looking at all the beautiful scenery and coastline.

We always take the car ferry over the water, Red Funnel, as we like to stay and camp at our favourite campsite Ninham, near Shanklin. It is a great site with two small carp lakes that we love to fish. It is within walking distance to Shanklin beach too and we often walk down for food and beer and sometimes visit Sandown too. The Isle of Wight is perfect for short breaks really. The reason we have been there recently was to do my photography days at the Isle of Wight Zoo where I got to get really close to the tigers and lions. See my post from the visit here.

Anyway, enjoy the beauty that the Isle of Wight has to offer!


This is a garden display at Ventnor, one of our favourite places:



Beach huts at Ventnor beach:


This was the view whilst walking, somewhere on the Island!


And this is a light house we found during that walk:


Down by one of the beaches:


This is the cable car up at the Needles:


This is the view out to the Needles:



I think this is looking down onto Shanklin beachfront:


And this is a pretty hotel at shanklin or Sandown:


And I thought I’d finish off with some funny looking mushrooms I spotted (photographed whilst drunk so excuse the slight blurriness!)


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